Moshe Kai Cavalin: Biography and Graduating College at the Age of 11 With a GPA of 4.00

Biography of Moshe Kai Cavalin – Graduated from College at the Age of 11 with a GPA of 4.00. Genius..!! That’s a word that fits Moshe Kai Cavalin, he finished college at the age of 11 with a perfect GPA of 4.0.

Moshe Kai Cavalin Biography

Moshe Kai Cavalin was born to a father of Brazilian descent and a mother of Chinese descent on February 14 1998 with the Chinese name Kai Hsiao Hu which means obedient or submissive tiger.

Moshe Kai Cavalin started studying at the age of two and wasted absolutely no time so calling him a genius would be unfair as he was trying from the start. Moshe’s mother, Sandy Chien, said her son showed extraordinary talent at the age of two. He learns very quickly and loves watching TV and reading children’s books.

Moshe Kai was already learning simple mathematics at the age of four, when his parents enrolled him in an intensive study program including mathematics, music, martial arts and reading. Chien, Moshe’s mother, who graduated with a master’s in business administration, then decided to leave her job to teach her own children.

Moshe Kai Cavalin never received formal education from elementary school to high school because he was rejected several times because his abilities were already above average. His father had sent him to formal school many times and was rejected many times. When his father enrolled him in elementary school, for example, the school required Moshe to enter grade 1 or from the start, but Moshe’s abilities were already equivalent to those of a grade 5 child and his father wanted Moshe to enter grade 5 so that there would be no setback in receiving knowledge, but the school refused.

Likewise, other schools with Moshe can disturb the concentration of other students because they will become the center of attention and also make students older than them feel inferior. As a result, homeschooling finally became a choice which later led him to become a great person.

Early Life

At the age of seven, Moshe completed middle school and high school at home. Chien next enrolled Moshe at East Los Angeles Community College, but was rejected because he was considered too small. With a reduction in watching television and playing videogames, his development began to accelerate, he began winning international martial arts contests, learning to dive. At the age of eight, Moshe applied again and was accepted after passing the entrance exam. Initially he was only allowed to take two classes, namely mathematics and physics.

However, after Moshe always got A plus grades, he was allowed to take other classes. When Moshe started college at age 8, he was the youngest student in his class. However, he was able to give private tutoring to his classmates aged 19 to 20 in mathematics and physics. Moshe completed his degree in mathematics at East Los Angeles Community College at the age of 11. His Achievement Index (GPA) is also perfect with a GPA of 4.0. Stay up-to-date with Deltsapure! Provide accurate and updated news for readers.


“I tried to send my son to elementary school, but he learned too quickly and he often found nothing to do in class. I then decided to teach him at home,” said Moshe’s mother, Chien. Moshe Kai Cavalin refused to be called a genius. According to Moshe, ‘Genius’ is just a word, like IQ, it is a term created by people who only classify one thing, and they ignore everything else that makes up an individual.

After graduating, Moshe Kai Cavalin wanted to continue his studies. Some universities that are targeted are Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to take mathematics, astrophysics or theoretical physics. Another alternative is to take business at Harvard. Moshe also dreams of getting a pilot’s license. A teenager with many dreams.

Mastering Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English and Mandarin, he is not stingy in sharing tips for success. He shared his success tips by publishing a book about 100 pages thick. ‘We Can Do’ is the title of the book. It took Moshe 4 years to complete the book. Understandably he is quite busy with various activities.

Final Story

‘We Can Do’ was written in English for the American market. As for the Asian market, Moshe wrote it in Mandarin. From this book we learned the lesson of not putting all your eggs in one basket. According to Moshe’s method, it is best to take a few eggs and place them in one basket and not be distracted by the other baskets. In the book, Moshe advises doing the best things while there is still time.

This does not mean one has to study all day long. There are many things we can do in the time we have. Someone who is serious about their hobby can be successful. For example, Moshe, who is passionate about martial arts, has many trophies from this sport.

I reached a point that many people would consider impossible at my age. “I reached as high as the Moon, but anyone who really tries can reach above the Milky Way galaxy,” he wrote in the book ‘We Can Do’.

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