Harnessing the Spiritual Power of Rudraksha: A Journey Within

A Rudraksha Bead is one in brown color which is formed when it is totally ripped. At starting the fruit of rudraksha is blue, it rips and turns into brownish-black. These Rudraksha seeds hold a special place in the spiritual world and practices.

In Hindu mythology, the scriptures and folklore state that rudraksha is a tear that has fallen from the eyes of Lord Shiva and has turned into a Rudraksha bead on Earth. This symbolism of the rudraksha makes it a highly powerful plus highly worshipping bead.

Therefore, this bead has been containing a great deal of beliefs. In this article, we will discuss why rudraksha is seen as a connection between humans and God, or between heaven and earth, and how it will help you in your spiritual journey.

Significance of Rudraksha Beads

As mentioned above, in Hindu mythology, it is said that when the lord Shiva cried, his tears fall on Earth in the form of Rudraksha beads. And so, every rudraksha bead is believed to have his blessings and powers.

There are many types of rudraksha beads found and they all have their own unique appearance as well as properties. The faces or Mukhs on the surface of the rudraksha help in distinguishing which type of rudraksha a bead is.

If the surface of the bead has 5 faces or Mukh it will known as PanchMukhi Rudraksha. Each bead is worshipped with full devotion all over the world.

Not only Hindus but people of different cultures worldwide use Rudraksha beads for meditation and chanting mantras. The power of the bead radiates a positive aura and helps in better concentration.

Astrological Benefits of the Rudraksha Bead

The Rudraksha bead shields the wearer to protect him/her from negativity. This negativity can be anything physical, emotional, or spiritual like manipulation, injuries, accidents, evil spirits, black magic, etc.

It creates a circle of positivity around the wearer and helps in seeing the world with an optimistic approach.

The energy of the rudraksha also increases self-confidence and courage in the wearer. It helps them express themselves better and take the steps the person needed to grow in life.

Other than that, there are also health benefits of the rudraksha. Astrologers often recommend people to wear the rudraksha around the neck to keep it close to the heart. This is because the power of the bead will strengthen your heart and regulates the blood flow.

It also keeps the energy levels of the person at a height and helps them stay active.

Spiritual Benefits of the Rudraksha Bead

Humans have the power of the mind, the intellect which is connected with our spirit as well. As said everything is connected, and so does our mind, body & soul. The Rudraksha bead calms our mind which is disturbed by the regular world. It helps our intuition powers and senses to open to an extent where we are able to be more self-aware.

The energy flow helps in seeing things clearly by providing mental clarity, which helps on a journey within. The person meets their higher self and that’s where the journey to self and god starts.

You will be able to focus more while you are spiritually reflecting with the use of the Rudraksha in your practice.

Wrapping Up

The Rudraksha bead’s power can keep the person calm and peaceful. It will increase your powers to meet with your higher self.

All types of rudraksha beads have their own significant benefits but they all are blessed by Lord Shiv himself and so, every type of rudraksha is useful. You can buy a rudraksha bead for yourself from the reputable store of Rashi Ratan Bhagya, where all the rudraksha beads are original and lab-certified. Other Rudraksha beads and malas that you can purchase from us at flat 10% off in our exclusive Shravan Maas sale such as 1 Mukhi Rudraksha, 2 Mukhi Rudraksha to 16 Mukhi Rudraksha, Rudraksha Sidh Mala, etc.

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