The Power of Post-Purchase Engagement for eCommerce Merchants with Route

How to Use Post-Purchase Engagement to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

In today’s fast-moving eCommerce market, customer trust is crucial for every business to grow and succeed. To increase customers’ trust in your store, it is important to give a positive post-purchase experience to them.

Using the power of post-purchasing engagement, businesses can make long-lasting relationships with their customers and also raise the chance of their customers purchasing again from the same store.

With the help of this guide, you will get to know how routes encourage Big Commerce merchants to unlock the full potential of their after-purchase experience to attract customers for a lifetime.

What is Route for Merchants?

It refers to the set of eCommerce tools that allow modern post-purchase experiences for merchants and consumers. The route of merchants is made of three different solutions:

  • Track: Tracking is of the best package tracking software. With the help of the route’s modern tracking technology, merchants can make great experiences that are practical, and accessible.
  • Protect: Protection gives customers access to buyers to provide security that covers lost, stolen, or damaged packages, and allows smooth decisions if something goes wrong.
  • Discover: Discover is one of the greatest platforms that help in getting your business in front of your target audience. This provides the best brands access to Route’s high-engagement consumer app networks through their tailored profiles and feed.

The true value of smooth processes cannot be judged, and Route’s addition not only allows a seamless post-purchase experience but also increases the operational efficiency of eCommerce merchants.

This eCommerce Merchants account setup shows the path to increase communication that allows merchants to provide the best level of service that makes them stand out from their competition.

There are multiple things you can do to improve the post-purchase experience of your customers. Here are 5 of them:

1. Personalize Customer Delivery Experience

Whenever we talk about personalization in marketing, the main thing is to know everything about the customer. With this knowledge, you can get to know the best method of delivering things.

In the eyes of customers, the advice you give regarding delivery shows how much you care about what matters to them the most. And it helps in building strong relationships with your customers. Trust us, customers want to purchase from those brands that understand them.

2. Create an Online Community

Building an online branded community can improve customer experience; here are a few benefits of creating communities for brands:

  • Reduction in customer support costs
  • Increase in brand exposure and credibility
  • Showcasing new products or services and features
  • Better engagement and customer retention
  • Presentation of products and services before the official launch

There are many existing opportunities for making communities on social media, such as making a Facebook group for your community.

3. Omni channel Customer Support

The small idea behind Omnichannel support is making your customer at the center part of your communication strategy. This means that all your channels work around them to make a seamless customer experience. With Omnichannel customer support, businesses can see the benefits of;

  • High engagement rates
  • More customer satisfaction
  • Regular feedback
  • Returning customers

Once you choose Omnichannel customer support, you have to set and monitor the working so that you came to know how healthy businesses work.

4. How-to-use Guides

If a customer purchases a product, it doesn’t mean that they know how to use them efficiently. A little assistance can help in improving their customer experience. Therefore, instructional guides are important.

User manuals or user guides are used to tell people how to use the product in a better way. The user guides and manuals include information about the product’s features and also show the main features that are used frequently.

5. Loyalty programs

We all know that a loyalty program is way too important to enhance the customer buying experience. But no one can improve their customer experience, especially post-purchase.

If you want to implement a loyalty program to boost customer experience, here’s a list of what you should consider while making a loyalty program.

  • Personalize your program
  • Make it accessible
  • Offer bonuses and rewards
  • Make it easy to understand
  • Add gamifying to your program

These points are required to design a successful loyalty program.


We often let go of the post-purchase experience and keep on looking for new customers.  But that’s not the right way of running a business. If you treat your previous customer well, they will come back for more purchases.

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