The Best Cbse Schools For Class 11 Admission

Noida clearly has some of the best infrastructure in the country in the shape of fantastic roads, modern and upmarket housing societies, world class shopping and entertainment destinations and some of the best schools in the country. No wonder the city attracts the best of professionals to work and live there with their families. In this article we shall look at the best CBSE schools for class 11 admission and find out what CBSE fees class 5 are.

List of the Best CBSE Schools for Class 5 Admission

1. Global Indian International School, Noida

Global Indian International School Noida is one of the best CBSE schools in the Delhi NCR region offering world class holistic education to its students. It has a fabulous campus with state of the art infrastructure and some of the most qualified and experienced teachers anywhere.The school offers classes from pre nursery to grade 12 and is, therefore, ideally suited for class 11 admission. 

Apart from the CBSE curriculum, the school offers the Global Montessori Plus syllabus to students from pre nursery to KG 2. The CBSE fees for class 5 charged by the school is Rs. 1,41, 120  on an annual recurring basis. GIIS Noida has one of the best academic track records in the region with its students securing admission to some of the best colleges and universities.

2. Delhi Public School. Noida

De;hi Public School, Noida is one of the most well regarded and respected CBSE schools in the region providing world class education to its  students studying  in classes  nursery to grade 12. The school was founded in the 1980s under the aegis of the well known Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi, with a large network of world class schools in India and abroad. The school has a large  aesthetically pleasing campus that boasts a range of cutting edge amenities and facilities.

The students of the school receive a holistic education comprising both academics and a range of extracurricular activities. The teachers and instructors employed by the school are out of the top drawer and this reflects in  the performance of the students in both academics and sports and other co curricular activities. The class 5 monthly tuition fee charged by the school is Rs.9.940.

3. Indus Valley Public School Noida

Indus Valley Public School Noida is located in Sector 62, which is the IT hub of the region. It is, therefore, the natural choice when it comes to the schooling for the children of the large number of IT professionals who live nearby. The school has a large well appointed campus replete with cutting edge amenities and facilities. What is special about the school is the fact it is one of the most awarded ones anywhere.


The school is a great believer in holistic education and ensures that every child gets exposure to the best of academic practices as well as extracurricular activities. It is not surprising that the school has an excellent reputation with regard to its students going on to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere. This is a fabulous school for class 11 admission and the CBSE fee class five charged by it is Rs. 9821/- (composite monthly).

4. Amity International School Noida

Amity International School Noida is one of the most sought after schools for parents living in the Delhi-NCR region. It boasts a sprawling campus boasting every facility and amenity you would expect in a world class international school. The teachers employed by the school are amongst the most qualified and experienced anywhere and they ensure that every child learns, grows and develops to the best of their ability in this K to 12 school par excellence.

The school also lays a great deal of stress on a host of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to ensure that all students experience holistic growth and development. The track record of the school in terms of its students ability to obtain admission to the best of colleges and universities is exemplary. It is undoubtedly a great school for class 11 admission. The quarterly total fee for existing class 5 students of the school is Rs. 35,292.



Noida is extremely well served when it comes to CBSE schools. It has some of the best known national school chains providing world class education to their students. It is quite easy to obtain class 11 admission in one of the many outstanding schools the city has provided the student in question fulfils the necessary criteria. Receiving an education in one of these fantastic schools is a life transforming experience for students setting them up for great success in life.

This has been borne out by the tremendous success achieved by the alumni of these schools in all walks of life.The years ahead will see many more successes on the part of the students studying in these outstanding Noida schools.

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